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We’re a Global Marketing Agency that has helped business owners worldwide achieve maximum results in a short period of time. Experience the power of our unique marketing strategies, which can propel your business to new heights. 


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Get MORE LEADS and SALES than your business can handle with our Tested and Proven Marketing Solutions.

Jenna Simmons  - Brick and Mortar Fashion Store Owner

Jenna Simmons - Brick and Mortar Fashion Store Owner

“The team at Captive Web Media understood my goals and executed a plan of action that resulted in outstanding results within a short period of time. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them.”

We Increase Your Conversions with Analytic Tracking

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Call Tracking Phone Numbers to track conversions on your website. We can track multiple conversion events such as button clicks, form submits, thank you page visits, and phone calls. With this data, we make positive changes to your website to increase conversions.

We Created a Comprehensive SEO Roadmap for Maximum Success

Onboarding Call

After our proposal is accepted, we start off with an extensive onboarding call to discuss our initial plan and set deliverable milestones.

Step 1

Set Up Tracking Software

Our analytics software can track keywords on a local and national level. This will give us daily insight into where improvement is needed.

Step 2

Analyze Tracking Reports

We review the initial analytic reports to discover which keywords need improvement to get your business ranked in Google and Bing.

Step 3

Keyword Selection

Our meticulous keyword selection process ensures your content aligns perfectly with user intent, enhancing your visibility and relevance across search engines.

Step 4

Content Creation

From engaging blog posts to informative infographics, our content creation team crafts compelling pieces tailored to captivate your audience and boost your SEO rankings.

Step 5

Backlinks Creation

Elevate your website’s authority and credibility with our strategic backlink creation services, fostering connections with high-quality domains to enhance your online presence.

Step 6

Website Optimization

Through comprehensive website optimization techniques, we fine-tune every aspect of your site to improve loading speed, user experience, and search engine crawlability for maximum performance.

Step 7


Stay ahead of the curve with our vigilant monitoring services, tracking key metrics and trends to swiftly adapt your SEO strategy for optimal results in a dynamic online landscape.

Step 8

A/B Testing

Refine your digital marketing efforts with precision through our A/B testing services, allowing for data-driven decision-making to optimize conversion rates and drive sustainable growth.

Step 9

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